In this module you will learn ...

·To take individual and group responsibility in Green Business activities.

·To identify a digital identity and describe how to protect reputation online.

·How to improve and integrate new content and information.

·To create new and accessible green content.

In this module you will learn ...

·To work independently in Green Business activities.

·About determination and perseverance to achieve goals.

·To actively face challenges, solve problems and seize opportunities to create value in Green Businesses.

In this module you will learn ...

·To communicate your ideas clearly to others.

·How to choose appropriate and accessible digital tools and technologies for collaborative processes.

·About cultural and generational diversity aspects to consider in digital environments.

·About argumentation techniques to provide evidence for your arguments.

In this module you will learn ...

·About digital technologies to interact with people, and to share data, information and digital content in an accessible way.

·To edit and create accessible green content in different formats.

·To identify people’s needs, and choose simple ways to customize digital environments to these needs.

In this module you will learn ...

·   How to monitor the progress of your business.

·   How to protect your personal data, devices and digital content

·   What to do when your business is not going according to plan.

How to make the best of a setback or failure.