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The platform provides open access to 15 training modules (courses) on digital and green entrepreneurship. The training modules are covering the cycle of realizing green business in Europe - developing, planning, and realizing your green business idea.  The training modules based on the ECQA Skills Card for Green Entrepreneurs. Each training module provides an opportunity to test your knowledge and receive certification from the European Certification and Qualification Association. Additionally, you have also the opportunity to receive a general certificate, covering all modules. 

    Available courses

     In this module you will learn ...

    · About digital tools to organise information, data and content.

    · How to develop creative and purposeful ideas.

    · Where to find relevant data, information and digital content and how to access them.

    · About simple digital tools to create green knowledge and innovation.

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    In this module you will learn ...

    ·   To assess the consequences and impact of ethical and sustainable ideas, opportunities, and actions.

    ·   To apply ethical thinking to consumption and production processes.

    ·   To detect the credibility and reliability of data, information and their digital content.

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    In this module you will learn ...

    · To assess strengths and weaknesses of yours in relation to Green Business opportunities.

    ·To show empathy towards others, listen actively, and value diversity as a possible source of ideas and opportunities.

    ·To recognise where your own digital competence needs to be improved or updated

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    In this module you will learn ...

    ·To describe how resources last longer through reuse, repair, recycling and upcycling.

    ·To discuss the principles of circular economy and resource efficiency.

    ·To use your imagination and abilities to identify opportunities for creating value.

    ·To differentiate between acceptable and unacceptable risks.

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    In this module you will learn ...

    ·To discuss the roles that information and knowledge play in reducing uncertainty, ambiguity and risk.

    ·About examples of making the most of ideas and opportunities.

    ·To anticipate the feeling of achieving goals.

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    In this module you will learn ...

    ·To work towards your green vision of the future.

    ·To avoid health-risks while using digital technologies

    ·To identify digital technologies for social well-being and social inclusion.

    ·About ways to protect the environment from the impact of digital technologies and their use. 

    In this module you will learn ...

    ·About financial and economic concepts.

    ·To estimate the main tax obligations for green businesses.

    ·To find and apply relevant information about the national legislation regarding green business.

    In this module you will learn ...

    ·About financing and budget planning.

    ·To manage your money.

    ·To develop a budget for your green business.

    ·About helpful digital tools to calculate your business.

    ·About funding possibilities.

    In this module you will learn ...

    ·About digital tools for planning and management.

    ·To develop a business model.

    ·About key elements of a business plan for Green Businesses.

    In this module you will learn ...

    ·To overcome adverse circumstances related to Green Business.

    ·How to maintain effort and interest, despite setbacks.

    ·To identify sources of help and support for Green Business.

    ·To create an action plan with necessary steps to achieve goals.

    In this module you will learn ...

    ·To take individual and group responsibility in Green Business activities.

    ·To identify a digital identity and describe how to protect reputation online.

    ·How to improve and integrate new content and information.

    ·To create new and accessible green content.

    In this module you will learn ...

    ·To work independently in Green Business activities.

    ·About determination and perseverance to achieve goals.

    ·To actively face challenges, solve problems and seize opportunities to create value in Green Businesses.

    In this module you will learn ...

    ·To communicate your ideas clearly to others.

    ·How to choose appropriate and accessible digital tools and technologies for collaborative processes.

    ·About cultural and generational diversity aspects to consider in digital environments.

    ·About argumentation techniques to provide evidence for your arguments.

    In this module you will learn ...

    ·About digital technologies to interact with people, and to share data, information and digital content in an accessible way.

    ·To edit and create accessible green content in different formats.

    ·To identify people’s needs, and choose simple ways to customize digital environments to these needs.

    In this module you will learn ...

    ·   How to monitor the progress of your business.

    ·   How to protect your personal data, devices and digital content

    ·   What to do when your business is not going according to plan.

    How to make the best of a setback or failure.