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  • ECQA Certification and Micro-Certification

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    Modern societies rely heavily on the competences of experts and professionals in any subject area:  Their knowledge, skills and attitude make the difference in times of crisis, innovation, and sustainability.

    Independent and transparent certification is crucial for the employability and mobility of individuals involved in existing, new and emerging professions and job roles in Europe and beyond, and for the quality of their work.

    ECQA GmbH certifies

    ·         professions and job roles,

    ·         skills cards and competences frameworks,

    ·         professionals,

    ·         trainers,

    ·         training materials and courses,

    ·         training organisations,

    ·         exam organizations,

    ·         assessors and exam committee members for oral exams.

    Micro-certification is the certification of professionals on a smaller level: Instead of certifying, that a person can apply the entire body of knowledge, described in a skills card, of a given profession, a micro-certificate confirms that a person is able to apply parts of a skills card.

    Usually, micro-certification is done at Unit level. One Unit is broken down into several Learning Elements. However, depending on the target group of the certification, it is also possible to issue micro-certificates at Element level, as in the case of Go4DiGreen.

    ECQA certified professionals can collect micro-certificates, to obtain the full certificate of a profession or job role step by step.